Little Nest Portraits

PR Plan

My public relations course was dedicated to immersing the class into the “real world” of PR and marketing, with Little Nest Portraits as our client. Little Nest Portraits is a boutique photography chain.

As their consultant, my team and I formed a PR plan focusing on research to solve the issue of getting more millennial mothers to use their services. Our proposed solution was a collaboration with children’s hospitals in the Philadelphia area to host a children’s fashion show, called “In This Moment.” All of the portraits taken would be from Little Nest, generating brand awareness for the company and creating a sense of trust between the parents, children, the community and company. Download PR Plan Here or flip through the pages by clicking on the bottom left.

Public Relations Plan for Little Nest Portraits
Mock Press Release

This is a press release for Little Nest Portraits on a proposed event I created in order create more brand awareness and traffic into their location. Download Press Release Here.

Press Release